Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Few years the bus company spend 10,000,000 on park gager in 42street  bus  then they have the Nervi to ask for 3 time for more bus fare . My think is that we in Newyork should not spend with that money they could of built there first fyling bus that would been great my think that 1 to 2 million dollars to build one and test on middle off the country side of U S A, the way bus would be all solar power and all the seats with power outlet on them and wifi make look Futher look , just like the magic school bus I saw all the show with my kids that can happen with bus .even the trucks should be done the same , the bus should have it Owen sky high rail how that you bus company guys . You my idea for this and the flying bus should expressed every 6 blocks and no red or green lights for just go like the trains do get you America people this me from European man tell how to make here in this country . I have lots more ideas

Sunday, August 14, 2016


When all bus and car flying there will less traffic on the ground and people now , we need get back down but  no we are evoution to the need leaves just me I learn 7 language and your brain will not go dull it good to move forwarded .THE U.s.a teach this so in my mind I made lots thought they are moveing forward . Then made more when all these flying car'sand bus and we people fly that when the world will end .some GOD PEOPLE OUT SIDE SAY THE SAME JESUS THIS JESUS THAT Well Jesus told all these things must happen to and then I will make better and free to live for all man kind these things must be does that priest they'll this no you made mind then you . Take all I forgot how about the hover road no land skate broads we have that soon it take up and flying boats that too I have so much to tell we forget flying boats with solar payable as file for power that some time this the AMAERCAIN TEACH I too smart for them oh no the flying bike and flying motorcycles that next tell Harley Davidson to build one you have the money just do it. This real exciting to me then earth  will going but no animals they evolotion.