Saturday, April 5, 2014


Intricate Tire Carving Artwork DesignA while back we featured an article about tire carvings that we’re quite insane. Back then, the carving itself was on the top side of the tire, and it pretty much created an astonishing pattern when it rolled on anything soft. Of course, these tires were only used for art.

I am quite sure that if they were ever to be equipped on a car and driven, they would blow out faster than you could get in second gear. Even though those tires weren’t very durable, they sure looked good. As with everything that is created, there is always someone out there who wants to make something even better and more stunning.

This time around the torch gets handed to Wim Delvoye who wanted to create something even more over the top on a tire, and he went on a journey that few of us have ever been able to enjoy.

By taking perfectly normal car and truck tires, this artist started carving elaborate and intricate patters all across the surface of the tires. The result was something out of this world really. When I look at these, I can’t help but think about how long it must have taken for the Wim to create these amazing pieces of art.

I am not one to put tires in my living room; however, I would have no problem sporting these in the corner for a couple of weeks just to highlight their awesomeness. know I am a sucker for detail, and that I am an incurable perfectionist, so these fall right in line with what I would call perfect.

 I mean, there’s just not anything else that can be added to them, and I think you are about to agree. It’s just amazing how much time someone is ready to put into some tires just to make sure we all get to see something that we have not seen before.

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