Thursday, July 24, 2014


Whether you’re planning the road trip of the century or just trying to get to work this summer, gas prices are likely on your mind. Your smartphone can be a powerful tool in your quest to find the cheapest way to fill up your tank and make those precious gallons last. 

If you’ve got a long drive ahead, then Waze is about to become your best friend. The mobile app will direct you around traffic and let you know if you’re approaching an accident or red light camera. When you need fuel, Waze will show you the closest station and lowest price nearby. Focus your search on stations that are on your travel route, so you don’t waste gas backtracking or traveling off course. Or have the app just show you a particular brand of stations so you can maximize the credit card rewards points. And when you do find the perfect spot, Waze offers discounts at several stations.

GasBuddy is the mother of all gas apps; it can help you find a station based on gas prices or distance, and relies on its users to keep prices up to date. On the web version you can check out the average cost of a gallon in your town (or the destination of your next road trip), as well as view a heat map of what gas prices look like right now across the nation. 

GasGuru was created by YP (yes, as in YellowPages). In addition to finding cheap gas near you, GasGuru has a cool feature that allows you to save locations so you can check out the gas prices where you’re going as well. For instance, you might save your home and office address into GasGuru, and pull up both to figure out where it will be cheaper to fill up. 

Saving gas money isn’t just about finding the cheapest price at the pump. It also has a lot to do with how you drive. MyMPG is an iOS app that tracks your driving techniques and offers suggestions on how you could be more efficient behind the wheel. If you're wasting gas by being a little too heavy on the accelerator, for instance, the app can warn you by playing a tone. 

Small adjustments each time you drive can add up to big savings in the long term. The company estimates that changing how you use the accelerator in your car could save you up to $650 a year in fuel. The app tracks your improvement over time and can manage data for up to four different vehicles simultaneously. 

Sure, Google Maps can be great when you want to find the most efficient route to one location, but what do you do when you need to make a dozen stops? Route4Me helps you save time and gas by creating the most efficient route that hits all the stops you need (up to 200 at a time!). That means you won’t end up zig-zagging across town to do errands or drop off friends after an event.

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