Sunday, August 24, 2014


The FourSixteen ,Saleen holds the Model S in high regard ,As expected, the Tesla Model S based Saleen FOURSIXTEEN performance electric car was shown for the first time at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Tesla has entirely new class of American automobile, said company founder Steve Saleen. a company with a heritage of tuning American muscle cars like Fords 64 Mustang,new class of electric American performance cars .Now all 3 Tesla S and FourSixteen vehicles stand out from the rest of the pack for century to come.

Saleen has optimised the airflow over the car's body by adding a redesigned front fascia, aero vents, a bespoke V-shaped hood, carbonfibre rear diffuser and high-downforce rear-mounted spoiler.

The FourSixteen possesses the same power and torque outputs as the standard Model S, at 410bhp and 443lb ft. However, the car's electric motor is mated to a Saleen drivetrain which includes an all-new 11.39:1 final gear ratio for quicker acceleration. The FourSixteen also has a locking differential to maximise traction and grip.

All of the Saleen-engineered driveline components increase efficiencies in torque management, give a track capable throttle response, and provide faster acceleration. A Saleen high-efficiency drivetrain cooling system has been fitted to assist engine cooling and help maintain consistent temperatures in high-performance situations.

The Saleen FourSixteen gets track-calibrated suspension to enhance cornering agility. The system can be ordered in a fully adjustable configuration, allowing the driver to easily increase stiffness in order to use the car on the track. The stability control system has received new software to provide improved cornering response and driver ability.

The standard brake package in the FourSixteen includes 355mm discs and four-piston callipers. A carbon-ceramic brake system is available as an option. The car runs on 21 inch's wheels and tires as standard, although 22 inch's items can be specified as an option.

Inside, Saleen has replaced the usual Model S trim with a two-tone leather and Alcantara design while seat bolsters on both the front and rear seats have been increased to provide extra support when cornering.

Perhaps one change that any Model S owner would appreciate is a new center console. This provides extra storage for the driver and front passenger, a cupholder and a pocket for smartphones and other electronic devices.

The door panels and dashboard are also upholstered a new mix of coloured leather accents and facings, as well as carbon fibre highlights hand-stitched for a quality feel.

All this doesn't come cheap based on the Tesla Model S P85, you'll pay $150,000 before federal taxincentives and any local rebates you might be eligible for. That's between $50,000 to $60,000 more than the P85.

You do get a four-year/50,000-mile warranty though, and delivery shouldn't be too painful either Saleen quotes a 6-8 week delivery slot following order confirmation and receipt. And if you don't want the full package, Model S buyers can opt to buy individual components from Saleen's catalog.

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