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Introduced for the 2015 model year as a replacement for the aging MP4-12C, the 650S is already available in five flavors. There’s the regular Coupe and Spider for those looking for a fast and good-looking entry-level supercar, the Sprint for amateur racers, and the more extreme GT3 for enthusiasts wealthy enough to afford a profession motorsport team. The newly launched 675LT brings more horsepower, improved aerodynamics, and a healthy dose of F1 GTR "Long Tail" heritage to the table. And I didn’t even mention the number of unique features customers can have via McLaren’s own customization arm, MSO. But despite having so many options to choose from, the 650S just isn’t as unique as some supercar aficionados would like.uckily for those excessively fastidious, making it impossible to live joyfully with a stock 650S or any of its production line cycles I know I would be the people over at Fab Design have made a bespoke bundle that makes McLaren's new supercar some more unique. Better known for altering Mercedes-Benz items (counting Maybach, ) Fab Design is additionally one of the few secondary selling brands to interfere with past McLaren items. Having officially dispatched overhauls for both the MP4-12 and the SLR McLaren, Fab Design has propelled the VAYU RPR, a thorough bundle that transforms the 650S Spider into a supercar McLaren's MSO division can't manufact. While most tuning shops do almost no to adjust a supercars' appearance, Fab Design felt free to constructed a far reaching body pack that incorporates more extensive front and back bumpers, new side skirts, extended air admissions for the front spoiler, another wing, and a bigger back diffuser.

Alterations start in advance with a reshaped nose that now emphasizes a profound wrinkle underneath the storage compartment cover and an extra, focus mounted grille for improved cooling. Down beneath, an amended splitter gives more downforce. The bumpers are altogether more extensive than the standard 650S', giving the auto an additionally threatening stance. The new side skirts add to the auto's racier appearance also.

Around back, Fab Design adjusted each subtle element of the back sash. Enormous air vents were included underneath the taillights, which are likewise new, while the focal point area is totally not quite the same as the standard 650S'. The rectangular fumes funnels have likewise been replaces by a couple of two round outlets like those on the McLaren P1 GTR.

A monstrous diffuser adjusts the supercar's outline significantly more, while likewise creating more downforce. Finally, the airbrake on top of the motor hood got a settled wing for enhanced flight science. Adjusting off Fab Design's bundle for the 650S is a situated of 20-inch, produced edges wrapped in Dunlop tires.

Despite the fact that the bundle is showcased on the 650S Spider, Fab Design says its is additionally accessible for the MP4 12C, both Coupe and Spider. The bundle accompanies the same peculiarities, importance 12C clients can overhaul their supercars to look precisely like the 650S VAYU RPR, with P1-style headlamps and upgraded guard. Obviously, this is an extraordinary approach to get a 650S without really purchasing one. Interior updates are said to be equally extensive, but since Fab Design has yet to provide any actual photos of the cockpit, you’ll have to wait to see them. The company claims the cockpit received more refined materials and a range of new parts, starting with new sports seats and revised steering wheel, both of which are wrapped in "selected leathers." Additional carbon-fiber components set the VAYU RPR apart from its standard siblings, as do the bespoke aluminum pedals.

The FAB logos embroidered in the headrests and floor mats are there to remind customers they’re driving a special 650S. All told, the interior of the VAYU RPR sounds like a great place to be, not surprising given Fab Design’s past McLaren projects. Although Fab Design chose to not meddle with the 650S’ drivetrain, its custom exhaust system adds 32 horsepower. The bump takes the rating of the twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V-8 up to 672 horses, making it slightly more powerful than McLaren’s recently introduced, 666-horsepower, 675LT. The new output and updated aerodynamics should help the 650S’ 0-to-62 mph sprint drop from 3.0 to 2.9 seconds. Accelerating from naught to 124 should take 8.4 seconds versus the standard model’s 8.6 ticks, but note that these figures depend on how good those Dunlop tires are. The standard 650S comes equipped with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.The aftermarket is packed with tuning shop waiting to get their hands on your stock supercar, including the Lambo Huracan, one of the 650S’ main competitors in this niche. There’s a wide range of upgrades available for the Huracan as of 2015, but since Fab Design’s 650S kept its standard drivetrain, I’m going to go with DMC’s "Affari" package, which also leaves the engine untouched. Soon to be replaced by the 488 GTB, the 458 Speciale is yet another Italian supercar the McLaren 650S has to go against on both the street and the track. Although the standard car is as exciting as it gets, Novitec’s aftermarket package takes the Speciale’s fantastic skills up a notch. The body kit adds a new spoiler and blade in the front bumper, while the rear end gets carbon-fiber moldings, a new rear wing, and a carbon-fiber diffuser with an electrically adjustable center section. Polished silver paint and gold wheels at all corners round off the exterior.

But Novitec’s program for the 458 Speciale also includes a number of high-performance drivetrain upgrades, such as new manifolds, catalysts, and rear muffler. The new exhaust system, which is made from Inconel (the same material F1 manufacturers use for their exhausts), bumps the V-8 engine’s output from 596 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque to 627 horses and 422 pound-feet. That equates to a faster 0-to-60 mph time of under three seconds and a top speed of 205 mph.

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