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All Newer 2015 Volkswagen Touareg is a sumptuous vehicle, with a premium cost, offered nearby the mark's more standard models—but to a greater extent an adversary to models with extravagance identifications. 

The Touareg isn't only the most costly and sumptuous model VW offers in the U.S.; it's the bigger of two game utility vehicles in the organization's lineup, and its essential underpinnings are imparted to the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.Although the Touareg got all the more a street center with its last update, it remains generally tough. The objective then was to give it more extensive bid—however the value remains a hangup, and VW's new three-column SUV expected one year from now will close the business crevice, with more esteem and a lower cost. 

That said, the most recent Touareg is extensively lighter than its porcine forerunner; it's additionally more pleasant inside, and more rich on the outside, with to a lesser degree a butch appearance. A marginally more extensive body, and fairly more wheelbase and length give the outline even more a routine hybrid wagon look (and practically, more space), while the inside format has stayed much the same, with its more upright introduction contrasted with other family hybrids. For 2015, Volkswagen is inconspicuously upgrading the front end, with another four-bar grille and a chrome band for the lower belt. The trapdoor has additionally been reshaped, and there are new wheel desig

Eight-speed automatic transmissions and full-time four-wheel drive are the building blocks in the powertrain department, while under the hood there are three quite different engine choices. Base versions get a conventional gasoline V-6--a 3.6-liter, 280-horsepower narrow-angle V-6 (VR6)--while two other versions show the way toward both more power and better gas mileage, albeit at a price premium.

The clean-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 TDI has been our favorite of the lineup, with its strong torque output (406 lb-ft) and confident feel for towing (up to 7,695 pounds) or highway cruising. An updated version of this engine steps up to 240 hp and even better fuel efficiency.

The Hybrid model combines a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 with an electric motor system, sandwiched between the engine and transmission, for a combined 380 horsepower--and an EPA rating of 20 mpg in city driving. It gets a better boost in highway driving compared to other hybrids, due to the system's ability to disengage the engine and motor for long high-speed coasting.

The Touareg used to be grossly overweight, but with its last redesign VW made it lighter overall, and better-detailed inside. Astoundingly--through the use of advanced materials and techniques--it engineered about 450 pounds out of the vehicle, gaining up to 20 percent be ,450 pounds out of the vehicle, gaining up to 20 percent better fuel efficiency. It still offers way more truck-like ability than most other crossovers do--and more off-road and towing ability than most shoppers are likely to need. Think of that as a plus or a minus, depending on priorities.

Functionally, the Touareg's high seating position affords a good view out ahead. Front seats are excellent, but the rather tall and very wide center console tends to make the front area feel more confining than it needs to be. There's space for five, and the adult-sized rear bench can slide fore and aft through six inches of travel. You won't find a third-row seat like the one in Audi's longer Q7, but cargo space is quite good in the Touareg, with a power-folding arrangement that yields a fully flat cargo floor.In all, the interior has luxury-class accommodations for four adults, and the cabin appointments feel more in line with the luxury set than the frugal set. It's in synch with the other VW models in configuration, yet it's named with It's in synch with the other VW models in design, yet it's appointed with nicely finished materials that share more in    common with Audi in look and feel. Ride quality is quite good, but the high seating position accentuates smaller motions and choppy pavement. VW has added more chrome trim, new wood finishes, and a heated steering wheel for 2015, as well.

Safety is also enhanced for 2015, with the addition of blind-spot monitors, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise; the radar system also includes Front Assist with city emergency braking, and there's an automatic post-collision braking function. The Touareg continues to score well in IIHS testing, although it still hasn't been crashed by the NHTSA.
 completed materials that impart all the more in like manner to Audi in look and feel. Ride quality is great, yet the high seating position highlights littler movements and wild asphalt. VW has included more chrome trim, new wood completions, and a heated guiding wheel for 2015, too. 

Wellbeing is likewise improved for 2015, with the expansion of blind side screens, path keeping help, and versatile voyage; the radar systems additionally incorporates Front Assist with city crisis braking, and there's a programmed post-impact braking capacity. The Touareg keeps on scoring great in IIHS testing, in spite of the fact that despite everything it hasn't been crashed by the NHTSA.

All newer 2015 Touareg offers a long list of standard features, although some shoppers might find that it's not quite in lock step with the luxury price. Leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, and memory seats are all included in the base Sport model. Executive and Hybrid models add premium audio, rear-obstacle detection, a heated steering wheel, keyless entry and starting, and heated rear seats. Major options include an impressive 620-watt Dynaudio premium sound system, and a navigation system with upgraded display and built-in music storage.

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