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The launch of the 2016 Nissan Titan XD is another update that the pickup world is light, imaginative and loaded with incredible vehicles. What the Titan XD conveys to the gathering is a radical new corner that openings in the middle of conventional half-ton and three-quarter-ton models. Nissan has found that numerous purchasers need the solace and helpful size of a half-ton truck, additionally require more capacity — in spite of the fact that not as a matter of course as much as a three-quarter-ton truck offers. They regularly substitute between the two. Presently they can discover something that blends simple driving with superb capability.                                                                              Until the all-new Titan full-size truck extent goes along in 2016, this bigger XD model (XD remains for "additional obligation", coincidentally) is as of now the sole delegate. Trim levels are S, SV, Genius 4X and the ultra-rich Platinum Save. The XD comes in team taxicab structure with a 6.5-foot bed, and the extent begins at around $40,000 then tops out in the $60,000 territory. Add $1,200 destination charges to every cost. Purchasers will discover the XD is even estimated between half-ton and three-quarter ton trucks. 

Professional 4X is the main model with all-wheel drive as standard. The default setup in the others is back wheel drive with all-wheel drive as a choice. The Ace 4X likewise has a committed suspension custom-made for rough terrain use, plus hill start assist and hill descent control.                                  The exterior is suitably chunky, reflecting the rugged and durable character of the truck’s build quality. The Platinum Reserve trim goes big on chrome, especially across the tailgate. All models have “Titan” embossed into various body parts, like the top of the grille. Based on a fully boxed ladder frame, the XD is designed to keep noise, vibration and harshness at absolute minimum levels. And it succeeds. The interior is shaped by smart ergonomics, yet doesn’t skimp on good-looking details like the instrument dials.                                                                                                      In among all the high-quality materials, notice how the gearshift lever is located at the steering column. This might seem a touch old-school, but it allows for greater storage flexibility in the center console. There’s enough space to house a laptop. Several drinks holders are conveniently arranged around the cabin, including a couple that can take 32-ounce Gatorade bottles.

The rear seats offer ingenious stowage options. The seat backs fold down and the bottom cushions can flip up. This is where things get really clever. Under those seats are lockable storage bins, but their lids can also fold out to create a flat load floor                                                                                 The lodge is extensive and inviting, particularly in the calfskin wrapped, top of the line Platinum Store trim. The second column has a lot of space for grown-ups and each seat is splendidly agreeable. 

Most extreme payload is 2,085 pounds for a back drive Titan XD, while that same model when legitimately prepared can tow a significant 12,310pounds. The truck is even equipped for performing snow furrow obligations with the right hardware. 

There's a great deal more to it than that, nonetheless. The bed has a shower in liner from the production line, accompanies lashing rails, discretionary locking stockpiling compartments (that can twofold as coolers, on account of channel attachments) planned so they won't meddle with a spread or a camper top. What's more, a gooseneck connector is standard issue. The Titan XD is the first full-size truck to offer this component; a fifth wheel is on the choices list. 

The 360-degree camera framework likewise permits a driver to turn around toward a trailer, then hitch it up without any help, even check the trailer's lights with the key coxcomb. At the point when not towing or conveying a considerable burden in the bed, the ride quality is still quality is still extremely comfortable   not something that can usually be said of heavier-duty trucks.
As well as all the mandatory safety features, the Titan XD includes trailer sway control and downhill speed control, making towing tasks much more bearable. Blind-spot monitoring is optional, but the large side mirrors also have a separate convex section. Those mirrors are also extendable (necessary when there’s a trailer out back), but the cameras that form part of the 360-degree vision system remain in their same spots. It’s little details like this that really sets this truck apart. The brakes are also more reassuring than those of the previous generation.                                                                 There’s only one engine for the XD and its inclusion is a stroke (pardon the pun) of genius. It’s a 5.0-liter turbocharged diesel V8 from Cummins. That’s probably enough to sway some buyers right there. Cummins engines are recognized, renowned and respected the world over. This is an all-new unit with a block of compacted graphic iron (CGI) that’s lighter and stronger than cast iron, plus an aluminum head. Horsepower is a respectable 310, but torque is the star player here: 555 lb-ft. This engine is linked to a heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmission, and it’s an effective combination.

There are no EPA figures, but Nissan claims a 20-percent improvement in fuel consumption over a comparable V8 gasoline engine. In the real world, low-to-mid-20s is easily achievable.  Driven with weight on board, pulling a double-axle trailer, or merely unladen, the Titan XD is always stable and serene. The engine’s considerable torque is accessible from just 1600 rpm. That’s partly how those admirable towing figures are achieved, but it also provides a satisfying low-end thrust that’s especially useful for off-roading adventures (the Pro-4X, incidentally, has all the right chops when things get wild). What’s also remarkable is how smooth and quiet the engine is; the cabin is virtually as silent as a luxury car.

  The 2016 Nissan Titan XD has enough going for it to break up the usual Chevy /Ram gridlock. It offers greater capability than most full-size trucks and rides more comfortably than its heavier-duty competition. The Cummins diesel engine is the metaphorical ace up its sleeve.

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