Thursday, June 19, 2014


If you own a hot-rod or a Classic car you will most likely need special insurance coverage that should be handled by an insurance company that is in the business of covering cars like yours, a company like the American Collectors Insurance company.

American Collectors Insurance is a leader in meeting the insurance needs of the most passionate and dedicated people in the world (collectors!) with a team that delivers excellence in individual service, and possesses in-depth knowledge of collectors’ insurance needs. They are the leading employer in this market, committed to supporting a high-performing team.

American Collectors’ mission is to offer unsurpassed insurance protection for collectors who are passionate about their cherished there yesterday's collectibles. Our service is delivered with excellence by the industry’s leading collectibles insurance team.At American Collectors, They know how much your yesterday's and future day's collector car, motorcycle, truck ,and other collectibles mean to you. That’s why when you need to make a claim, theywill do our best to make the process as quick and painless as possible. They will even let you choose the repair/restoration facility and parts used to make any repairs. 

American Collectors Insurance offers collector vehicle insurance in all states. TX & VA require insurers to use prescribed Bureau (state-mandated) forms that do not provide for an “Agreed Value” settlement option. These two states allow three settlement options: Cost of repair, Actual Cash Value or the amount shown on the declarations page. American Collectors Insurance has been providing collector vehicle coverage in these states for many years.

Even if your still in the restoring phase American Collectors can provide comprehensive coverage for vehicles that are in various stages of restoration, as long as all of the parts are in the owner's care, custody and control (and not scattered about at various vendor shops). What is interesting is that they provide "Agreed Value" coverage, meaning that the full insured value of your vehicle (less any applicable deductible) is paid in the event of total loss. (this is another good reason to have this company insure your car!)

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