Sunday, April 12, 2015


The 2015 Kia Soul isn't an execution auto, yet its an auto I could live with pretty much joyfully. At first glance, its a hip cruiser that appears to be changed for the sole purpose of being distinctive. Yet in the event that you look past the abnormal paint hues you'll discover an cleverly designed vehicle inside and out.

The late invigorate, however minor, fixed things up extensively. I appreciate, for instance, the new tailgate treatment, which includes a touch of blackish trim that complexities pleasantly with the essential paint shading. It's a minor thing, however it lives up to expectations for me. 

Every Jake, you can take or leave the boxy exterior. At the same time I think everybody ought to pause a minute to admire the possibility that went into the inside. It's not simply the sufficient highlights, as cooled and heated seats a nice slickish infotainment system. It's the great utilization of materials and clean, tight and iron styling all through.The steering wheel, to focus on one element, combines four different materials (textured plastic, matte plastic, piano black-style plastic and leather) and it does so without coming off as busy. Door panels are sculpted to echo the circular theme

Why I am saying any of this? Since such a large number of insides appear to be negligent, very nearly unplanned, even on autos costing six figures, and this is the second time I've ended up inspired with Kia's endeavors in the previous month or something like that.

Despite suspension and ride improvements, which do a fair amount to make this generation of the Soul feel less tippy, this isn’t much of a driver. The powertrain is ho-hum -- functional, probably bulletproof and quick on the takeoff, but nothing special -- and the steering still has a lot of numbness and deadness around the center. For Kia’s sake I hope that the brakes on this Soul have been utterly smoked by 6,300 miles of irresponsible car-writer driver, because they were scarily squishy.Options: Sun & sound package including automatic climate control, panoramic sunroof with power sunshade, navigation with 8-inch screen & Sirius traffic, infinity audio system, speaker lights ($2,595); the whole shabang package including HID low-beam headlight, push button start w/ smart key, leather seat trim, heated & ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel, supervision meter cluster w/4.3-inch color LCD, engine immobilizer ($2,495).

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