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CHRYSLER 200C 2015

In any case, it really is great that this new, totally redesigned upgraded
2015 Chrysler 200 car is presently marked down. In every appreciation, it is better than the vehicle it replaces. The new 200 vehicle likewise flags the path forward for the Chrysler brand, which will grow drastically in advancing years so as to tackle standard models in key vehicle sections now that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has proclaimed Dodge to be the corporate execution brand. 

Normally, I needed to figure out how the new Chrysler 200 fills in as an average size family auto, since that is the stadium in which it contends. What I found is that it relies on upon how old, and huge, your children are.Chrysler lent me a 2015 200C with each choice, including all-wheel drive. Therefore, the last count came to $36,855, which ain't chump change.

My Velvet Red test sample had good-looking 19-inch aluminum wheels ($690, a panoramic sunroof or moonroof ($1,490), the Premium Group ($990 – premium leather, ventilated front seats, heated 2-tone steering wheel, memory for the driver’s preferences, a 115-volt 3-prong power outlet, bronze chrome interior trim, real wood interior trim), the Premium Lighting Group ($780 LED running lights,HID headlights,LED fog lights), and the Navigation and Sound Group ($1,390 – 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system with HD Radio, satellite radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, navigation with real-time traffic and Travel Link services, mobile Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you think that last upgrade sounds like a bargain, consider the contents of the SafetyTec Package. For $1,290, it includes adaptive cruise control with stop and go capability, a forward collision warning system, a lane departure warning system with lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-path detection, automatic high-beam headlights, and rain-sensing wipers. It also adds a semi-autonomous parking system that can slot the 200 into a parallel or a perpendicular parking space, steering the car while the driver operates the transmission and the pedals.

To the extent styling goes, I thought the shiny paint and the Y-talked 19-inch wheels truly made this test auto look astounding. It helps that the 200 wears in a far-reaching way alluring styling, keeping in mind it doesn't push the advanced auto outline envelope, it positively should age smoothly. Inside, the 2-tone Black and Linen leather inside looked properly upscale, however the dark wood showed up somewhat strange and I chose that bronze-hued trim just looks discolored or messy instead of upscale.In the opening segment of this audit, I said that a Chrysler 200's handiness as a family auto is subordinate upon how old, or huge, your children are. Truly, whether the 200 will work for you or not is subordinate upon whether you're wanting to convey grown-ups or not. 

In spite of the fact that situated to contend with other average size cars, the 200's rearward sitting arrangement is confined as far as both legroom and foot room. The seat pad itself is open to, sitting up high with great thigh support. However, taller individuals are going to experience difficulty crushing their heads and their legs into this auto. They'll fit, yet they won't have any desire to be riding back there for long. 

I experienced no difficulty toting my preschooler and first-grader. Keeping in mind neither of them uses a stroller any longer, its important that my conservative collapsing model fits into the Chrysler 200's 16 cu.-ft. trunk wheels initially, the handle simply crushing in and permitting the top to close. Talking about shutting the cover, I think that it odd that an auto planned and manufactured in Michigan does not have an inside handle for swinging the top close, given the measure of street salt that for the most part covers the backs of autos in the winter.If the Chrysler 200's outside configuration doesn't convey anything new to the table, the lodge's control format and capacity arrangements compensate for it. How about we begin with the middle control board and capacity support, which could be composed off as a contrivance like the outline in the Lincoln MKZ .if not for its genuine practicality in the 200.

The transmission’s rotary shift dial, the climate controls, and the stereo controls are located on a dramatically angled panel that bridges the distance between the dashboard and the center console. This design puts them within easy reach of the driver’s hand, and, once the driver is acclimated to them, allows them to be used without looking down.

Beneath the control panel, and accessible from both sides of the cabin, a storage tray is equipped with a grooved rubber liner that features the Detroit skyline standing out in relief. This is definitely a “Buy American” feel-good detail, but my bet is that it traps dirt, dust, lint, and crumbs and winds up looking pretty bad in a short amount of time.

The center console includes dual cupholders and a sliding armrest covering an illuminated storage box with another grooved, dirt-trapping rubber liner. What’s awesome about the center console design is that the portion with the cupholders slides back to reveal a sizeable hidden compartment that includes a USB port, an auxiliary audio jack, and in my test car, a 3-prong 115-volt power outlet. Plus, there’s a cord pass-through to the exposed tray beneath the center control panel.

Beyond these features, my loaded 200C had Chrysler’s excellent Uconnect 8.4 touchscreen infotainment system, which delivers clear graphics and provides intuitive operation, and while I’m not crazy about the 200’s over-styled tachometer and speedometer, I can’t deny that the gauge cluster’s blue backlighting and crisp screen graphics are impressive.Offered only for the 200S and 200C trim levels, the V-6 engine delivers plenty of power in Chrysler’s new sedan. Keep the 9-speed automatic transmission in regular Drive mode, and the car feels a little sluggish because the powertrain is calibrated to quickly upshift in an effort to maximize fuel economy. On a positive note, though, the automatic exhibits decisive action, rarely hunting for the right gear, which is quite an achievement given the number of forward speeds.

Switch to Sport mode and the 200 comes alive, the powertrain holding revs longer and feeling far more vivacious. Activate the real metal paddle shifters, and the 200 runs aggressively to its redline prior to snappy upshifts and matches revs on downshifts. Unfortunately, the 200C model’s suspension tuning isn’t designed to deal with the extra aggression, bouncing and rolling it’s way down Mulholland Highway to Malibu beaches.

The steering isn’t terribly satisfying, either. In Sport mode, it stiffens to the point where it feels like it resists input. Switch back to Drive mode, and the steering loosens up and feels more natural, but then the engine and transmission are decidedly less vivacious. Regardless of the transmission setting, the steering lacks crisp accuracy. At least the P235/45R19 Nexen tires grip the road with tenacity.

Stay off the path less traveled, and the ride quality is both busy and bouncy. Don’t take that to mean woozy and flaccid; that’s not the case. Rather, the suspension fails to filter all those little road imperfections that every highway and street have, while the car’s body demonstrates controlled but excessive motion over bigger undulations ..

As for the heavy-duty brakes installed on my test car, they’re effective, but the pedal is positioned rather high in relationship to the accelerator, and on occasion I didn’t find them to bite commensurately with pedal pressure.With the redesigned 200 sedan, Chrysler is gunning for the heavy-hitters in the midsize segment. In most respects, it’s a compelling package. The V-6 is strong and fuel-efficient, the styling looks terrific especially with the optional 19-inch wheels, and the cutting edge technology is intuitive and refined in operation. Loaded models also look and feel more like an entry-luxury car than a mainstream sedan, and the Chrysler 200 boasts excellent crash-test ratings.

However, this car isn’t very big on the inside, especially in the back seat, and the SafetyTec option package is restricted to the most expensive 200C model. Midsize family sedans need be as much about comfort and safety as they do just about anything else.

I also think that Chrysler needs to work on refining the car’s steering, suspension, and brakes. But ladies and gentlemen, don’t touch that V-6 engine and 9-speed automatic track.

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