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It's not the 2015 Ford Expedition's blame that few individuals buy full-estimate SUVs nowadays. Diminished to a negligible two percent of the aggregate auto market, enormous truck-based individuals haulers have been to a great extent uprooted by more proficient, smoother-driving hybrids, which throughout the most recent ten years have added to a close to five-fold diminish in the quantity of Expeditions taking off  heading out the door at dealerships. 

For a period it appeared like the Blue Oval may be abandoning what was before its lead SUV, giving it a chance to mull with a feeble drivetrain and yesterday's innovation while each other individual from the Ford family profit by new interest in both regions. Little doubt remains that the Ford Expedition's chance has at long last accompany the 2015 model year, as the new vehicle brags crisp components and a motor that together have a shot at reinvigorating the truck for another family audience.Ford has bet everything with its EcoBoost procedure, giving all vehicles of all shapes and sizes, turbocharged motors intended to punch over their weight class regarding force while tasting fuel at more casual rate than would an extensive dislodging engine. As of late as 2014 the Ford Expedition had been let well enough alone for the EcoBoost love-fest, compelled to stumble forward with one of the most seasoned engines in the organization's portfolio - a 310 pull, 5.4-liter V-8 - as its sole help.

This has all changed for the 2015 Ford Expedition, which now benefits from the same 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 offered with the similarly-sized Ford F-150 pickup.  The twin-turbo V-6 pushes out significantly more horsepower than the eight-cylinder unit it replaces, with a rating of 365, and it also adds 55 lb-ft of torque to the Expedition's revised stats, bringing the total to 420 lb-ft.  The effect on the SUV's driving character is immediate and positive.  Gone are the days of taking a run up steep highway hills with a full load, or hoping you have enough room to complete your pass: the new Expedition's acceleration and hauling power are class-competitive with the V-8 engines offered under the hood of challengers like the Chevrolet Tahoe / Suburban and the Nissan Armada.

Ford has elected to stand pat when it comes to the Expedition's transmission, which remains a six-speed automatic with select-shift capability.  Even so, we've been promised a fuel efficiency improvement of roughly 15 percent once official numbers are made public closer to the SUV's September, 2014 on-sale date.  Four-wheel drive with low-range gearing remains optional with the Expedition, and its towing capacity holds steady at 9,200 lbs despite the additional grunt from the new engine.No one would ever accuse a massive SUV like the 2015 Ford Expedition of being light on its feet, but it's worth noting that unlike the Chevrolet Tahoe / GMC Yukon the Expedition is outfitted with an independent rear suspension system that keeps it more stable over rough surfaces and at higher speeds.  Aiding and abetting the Expedition's chassis is a new optional continuously-controlled damping system, an electronically-managed system lifted straight from the almost-forgotten Lincoln Navigator.  Although it features a Sport mode that aims to tighten up the vehicle's handling, I found the system most rewarding when either left in Normal or set to Comfort, with the latter setting absorbing more bumps and bounces than I would have expected.  Electric power steering also debuts for 2015, and I'm happy to report it's well-executed in the Expedition with little of the vagueness sometimes seen with this feature.Staying competitive as a big SUV means more than just towing and power - it also requires a well thought out interior package that takes passenger needs and comfort into account.  The 2015 Ford Expedition has seen its cabin thoroughly modernized and now benefits from the availability of the newest MyFord Touch system.  Consisting of a center-mounted touchscreen that controls most major vehicle functions, as well as a pair of smaller displays to the right and left of the vehicle's speedometer, MyFord Touch updates the Expeditions infotainment, communications, and navigation functionality to stay competitive with GM's MyLink/IntelliLink systems.  Ford has worked hard to improve the user experience associated with its touchscreen design, and while it' still not for everyone it does offer one of the friendlier interfaces in the business.

Up to eight passengers can ride inside the Expedition, with the option of second-row captain's chairs to reduce that number to seven.  There's an exceptional amount of space to be had underneath the SUV's roof, regardless of whether the standard 119-inch wheelbase or extended (Expedition EL) 131-inch wheelbase is ordered.  The former packs in 108.3 cubic feet of total cargo room, while the latter trounces all comers with 130.8 cubes in total.  Part of Ford's secret to such a cavernous interior has to do with its suspension design: that same independent rear that keeps the Expedition planted in the corners helps free up enough usable area underneath the SUV to maintain a totally flat load floor with the rear rows folded forward.

Ford has also moved the Platinum trim level over from the F-150 full-size truck to the Expedition order sheet for 2015, which brings with it niceties such as full leather seating, additional detailed interior and exterior trim, retractable running boards, and enormous 22-inch rims.  On the safety side, you can get a blind spot monitoring system with both the stylized King Ranch model (think saddle leather) and the Platinum edition of the SUV.The 2015 Ford Expedition emerges from this latest refresh much stronger than it was before - maybe not quite at the level of the Denali-edition GMC Yukon, but certainly on par with its Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban nemesis. Regardless of the 15 percent fuel mileage change's, despite everything it going to hurt to utilize a vehicle as expansive as the Expedition as a day by day driver when contrasted with a comparatively estimated hybrid, however the SUV gives you a level of towing and payload limit that is difficult to discover outside of the huge utility fragment. 

I said the Lincoln Navigator before on, particularly to get out how much quicker its star has blurred than it is possible that its Expedition stage mate or surging Cadillac Escalade rival. Under 9,000 Navigators were sold a year ago in the United States, keeping in mind the 2015 release of that extravagance 'ute sees a significant number of the same enhancements managed its Ford kin, the estimating and alternatives structure of the Expedition make it difficult to comprehend why anybody would pay a premium for basically the same substance wrapped in a Lincoln bundle. This says all the more in regards to how much better the Ford Expedition has get to be than it does about the nature of what the Navigator brings to the table, however considering the capacity and accessible extravagance that can now be had with the Blue Oval model, it wouldn't shock me if the Navigator is either given the full hybrid treatment or consigned to the retirement home soon.

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