Saturday, November 7, 2015


BAT MOBILE BECOMES A LEGO SET  Lego universe now encompasses countless TV and film properties, but while you can buy plenty of Batman-themed Lego sets in stores, one item that hasn't been reproduced in hundreds of plastic bricks is the Batmobile from the original 1966 TV series, created by the late car customizer George Barris.

That could change soon if a Lego Ideas set by builder B. legoson (not his real name) gets the go ahead from the company and joins the official lineup, becoming a set you can purchase directly from Lego.

The set includes the car itself, which in the TV series started out in life as a 1955 Lincoln Futura prototype, and Gotham scenery for original Batman and Robin figures.

"The car is relatively small with it's 7 stud wide build-up, yet big enough to hold 2 minifigures," B.Rick writes. "Those figures can be placed and removed without taking off any part. I built this car with loads of playfeatures the original car also had: Atomic Turbine Engine, Bat-Radar, Rocket launchers, opening decklid to reveal the Mobile Crime Computer, Bat-shutes, Chainslicer in the nose, as well as a Bat-a-Ram, Aluminum dashboards, and last but not least, the Bat-Phone."

A Lego Ideas project needs 10,000 votes from users to advance to the next stage, which is review by company designers. The panel of Lego designers evaluates projects that have reached the review stage based on a number of factors, with originality and ease of production playing a role. While the builders themselves who submit projects for review typically have an unlimited supply of brick types, there are only so many in production at any given point in time, which tends to restrict some proposed sets.

 The first "Batman" television arrangement including the DC Funnies universe characters kept running for three seasons on ABC, from January of 1966 through Spring of 1968. The arrangement was the first TV adjustment of the famous comic book saints, with Adam West playing Batman and Burt Ward playing Robin. The television arrangement was not the first to depict the Batmobile - there was a Batmobile present in first appearance of the superhero, in Investigator Funnies issue #27. The first form of the auto, as found in the comic books, was just a red-shaded vehicle. The Batmobile itself would experience a wide range of changes in the comic books before the cutting edge television arrangement went into creation. 

The first Batmobile found in the television arrangement was based by Barris in view of a Herb Grasse plan, however the Lincoln Futura show model was the principle altered component in the custom form. Barris finished the auto in record time - three weeks by a few reports - and rented it to the studio for the length of time of the show's run. Barris kept the auto after the show finished, offering it just as of late in 2013, with the auto hammering for $4.6 million at Barrett-Jackson. batman.  

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