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SUV customers have a practically unlimited thirst for luxury , particularly on the off chance that you take a gander at the business figures for the most prominent models in the fragment. The 2016 Passage Traveler Platinum follows in the strides GMC's Denali image in amplifying a full scope of premium elements past the pickup truck causes of the Platinum (initially a F-150 trim) with a specific end goal to please families looking for the plushest individuals mover they can get outside of a Lincoln showroom. 

To hotshot the freshest, most upscale individual from the Voyager family, Passage has assembled a voyage through North America's most stunning common marvels, beginning in Vancouver, English Columbia, and consummation down in Taos, New Mexico. I made up for lost time with the troop in Montana and had the opportunity to pilot the 2016 Passage Adventurer Platinum through West Yellowstone and the Excellent Teton mountain range. When I wasn't being diverted by the apparently boundless regular magnificence contained inside of the fringes of these two normal parks,I was able to focus on the Explorer formula and get a feel what Ford is trying to accomplish with its Platinum strategy.Top-shelf luxury is frequently a platform for excess, but the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum takes a more restrained path towards satisfying the desires of potential premium customers. From the outside, there's not much to identify the Platinum's special status in the Explorer line-up aside from unique 20-inch wheels and LED running lights, with sharper eyes also picking out a pair of silver-hued skid plates from and rear.

Once inside the cabin, however, things start to come to the fore: Ford has wrapped the dash and door sills in genuine leather trim, matched with wood and aluminum highlights (with the latter continuing in the form of a brushed Blue Oval - or is that Silver Oval - on the steering wheel). That wheel also gets the wood-and-leather treatment, and the hides wrapped around the seats feel like a fair upgrade over those found in the next-in-line Explorer Limited. The Platinum model also builds on the already impressive feature list of the Limited, hands-free liftgate, navigation system) with items such as adaptive cruise control, automated parking,front and rear cameras ,a massage function for the two front thrones, a dual-pane moonroof or sunroof, and a 500-watt Sony surround sound audio system.The calm is often just as important as the (performance) storm in a luxury vehicle, and Ford was chuffed to explain to me just how much quieter the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum was compared to its lesser lineup-mates. This is because the Platinum model has been hit with a whole whack of sound-proofing processes, including the decision to locate and seal as many air gaps in the cabin as possible. If a breeze flows through it, so can sound, and the additional insulation injected into the SUV gave it a composed character even at highway speeds. I even had to roll down the window to hear the hooves of the bison clomping on the asphalt beside me during one of many encounters with Yellowstone's most massive citizens.All newer 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum is not the biggest three-line SUV you can discover, measured as far as either payload space or traveler room. That respect goes to illuminating presences like the beforehand specified Acadia Denali Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Navigate twins. Still, the Traveler Platinum is an impressive weapon for meeting life's different errands and rock roll up and down the highway or off road country sides.

Second-push lodging are great inside the vehicle, yet the third column of seating in the Portage is youngster situated, particularly with the heated second-line seat that comes standard with the Platinum. You can manage this in two routes: settle on second-line chief's seats that expand the rearmost zone's legroom (and lessen aggregate seating limit from seven to six), or do what I did and basically overlay down the third line utilizing the catch at the back to appreciate a totally level burden floor. There's just shy of 82 cubic feet of aggregate payload space accessible inside the Adventurer - respectable however not class-driving - despite the fact that when the vehicle is completely possessed the measure of room found between the liftgate and the third-push seatback bounced surpasses the greater part of its game utility adversaries.All upgrade 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum comes standard with the MyFord Touch infotainment system, which is linked with the SYNC voice command interface for mobile devices and assorted vehicle functions. It's a handsome design, but it's one that has drawn the ire of existing Ford customers frustrated with slow response times to touchscreen button pushes, as well as a few perceived ergonomic missteps.

Personally, I don't have a problem with MyFord Touch, but I can understand the irritation of having to tap a radio preset or navigation command once, twice, thrice before the vehicle acknowledges you. That being said, SYNC 3 - an all-new infotainment system designed outside the Microsoft infrastructure underpinning the current iteration - is on its way for the Explorer's 2017 model year. SYNC 3 is already available in both the Ford Edge and the Ford Fiesta, so my advice is to head down to a dealership and try it out on one of those vehicles before deciding whether you're willing to wait nearly a year to experience it in the larger SUV.All newer 2016 Ford Explorer is accessible with three powertrains, however the Platinum trim level is only offered with the big cheese EcoBoost V-6. Shunning the actually suctioned 3.5-liter six-barrel unit (290 pull horsepowers) and the mid-range 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo four-chamber (275 stallions, 300 lb-ft of torque), the Pioneer Platinum catches the same 360 horsepower , 3.5-liter twin-turbo creature engine found in the Game trim. Likewise fit for creating 350 lb-ft of torque, as in each Traveler it comes yoked to a six-speed programmed transmission. All-wheel drive - highlighting Passage's 'Territory Administration system' is likewise standard with the EcoBoost V-6. 

The twin-turbo Voyager Platinum is muscular, no doubt, but at the same time it's carrying around 4,500 lbs - not as tubby as a couple of other full-estimate SUVs I could name, yet at the same time enough to sap a portion of the EcoBoost muscle hiding under its hood. Increasing speed is great, just not rocket-like, which will be more than fulfilling to 99 percent of Platinum drivers. Mileage during my time in the recreation center was additionally better than average, with the 22-mpg execution coordinating the turbocharged V-6's consolidated EPA rating.All new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum's curb weight doesn’t just inform its off-the-line sprint but of course also plays a role in shaping its handling out on the road. For the most part, it's a non-issue: the Explorer Platinum remains stable and calm as long as you obey posted speed limits, especially on twisty roads. Push the SUV like you would a sport sedan on curvier stretches of pavement, and you'll encounter body roll and the protestation of the front tires as they fight understeer. In summary: a perfectly acceptable, and natural state of affairs from any big sport-utility vehicle.

I didn’t have the chance to sample the Explorer Platinum's Terrain Management System, as the rangers who run Yellowstone take a dim view of anyone who dares disturb the pristine land protected by the park. Rather than risk handcuffs, I chose instead to draw on my experience with the same system on older Explorer models in inclement weather. The system offers excellent stability at speed and good grip from a stop when road conditions turn slippery. True all-terrain fiends will most likely want to limit the truck's exposure to rocks and ruts, as the Ford's overhangs and lack low-range gearing make it more suited to gravel, grass, and decently-packed sand.Ford has an amazing reputation track record when it comes to introducing high-tech safety gear in as many models as it can, regardless of price point. It's just common then that the 2016 Passage Wayfarer Platinum hotshot the whole panoply of cutting edge driver's helpers and defensive gear accessible from the brand. 

The Platinum benefits from forward collision warning system , and a path keeping help include that was very great at keeping the SUV inside of the at times thin lines on more rough areas of Amazing Teton's esplanade. There is a blind side observing system and additionally a full supplement of airbags (including a knee airbag for the front passenger and the already specified front and back cameras that offer a wide-point take a gander at the zones instantly encompassing the vehicle. Novel in its portion are an arrangement of inflatable safety belts for those riding in the second column, an airbag feature that has yet to be duplicated by any other automaker.n the rush to the top, one has to wonder just how much cash is left out there to be sopped up by progressively shinier SUVs. According to Ford, it's actually a case of demand outstripping supply: close to half of its existing Explorer orders tend toward the Limited or Sport end of the spectrum, each of which boasts an MRSP above the $40k mark. This number can climb even higher once the vehicle's numerous options packages are taken into account.

The Explorer Platinum retails for $52,970, a near-$10k stretch compared to the Limited, but when contrasted against the similar prices paid for its GM and Chrysler equivalents, it's a reasonable ask. Given the phenomenal success of luxury pickup trucks almost across the board - with some brands offering multiple flavors of premium, in some cases tailored to specific regions of the country - it doesn't seem like Ford's taking much of a risk by offering an all-the-marbles edition of the Explorer.

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