Monday, September 22, 2014


This new 2016 Dodge Dakota pickup is expected to receive a smaller cargo room, luxurious interior, standard dynamics and modern features. The exterior style and decor will be enhanced to ensure the car looks stylish and ornamental.The chassis of the 2016 Dodge Dakota is equipped with enormous preview and four active doors. On the frontage, the truck is equipped with chic headlights and chrome grille. On the rear and front bumpers, the truck is finished with beautiful and amazing decors. Due to the lightweight materials used, the curb weight have been decreased something that boosts the car performance and acceleration. 

To meet all off-road and on-road conditions, the chassis has been made sturdier and more aggressive.The 2016 Dodge Dakota interior has been designed functional and stylish to go in line with the current auto demands. Included in the cabin is a wide range of active business and fun equipment. Seats are designed adjustable besides being enforced with comfortable and supportive structures. As for the interior materials, they are obtained from high-quality materials which help boost the car performance. Interior space both the cargo and passenger space has been heightened with better structures and products to make it look larger but with the same hauling capabilities. Standard features include air conditioning, digital LCD display, thermometer, ventilation system, compass, CD player among others.

Engine specs and Performance is said by Doge sources to be a v6 4 cylinder engine though the fueling capacity details are not yet available. As per the available details, the powertrain will deliver a smoother ride and more incredible efficiency. The fuel intake is likely to be lower with an estimated rate of 30mpg. In addition, chances are that there will be more engine options of which cannot be predicted as at now.

According to the previous performance in terms of sales, Dakota had remarkable sales from the time of release to 2005 of which decreased thereafter up to date. Since 2005, the automaker has nor had good records in terms of sales but it is the automakers hope that when the 2016 model hits the market next year or in 2016 it will regain the lost sales volume. The price is expected to be somewhere ranging from $40,000 to $60,000.

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