Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Mercedes-Benz has released pics and figures on the 2015 C63 AMG sedan, and and it appears to be another work of art by the German car maker.

Of course, given the looks and performance of the standard 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class,The C-Class is Mercedes-Benz's North American bread winner ,that’s no surprise—especially not after AMG has had its turn massaging the car into something more track-worthy. So far these specs and details are only for the German market, and may well change before making the translation to America, but they do give us some good insight into the basic outlines of the car.

The 2015 C63 AMG gets a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine similar to the one found in the new AMG GT. Rated at 503 hp and 516 lb-ft, the new engine is considerably stronger than the 6.2-liter normally aspirated V-8 from the previous-generation C63 AMG. Despite the boosted power output, the C63 AMG claims gas mileage of 28 mpg or better in European testing.

One notable absence is the lack of the any mention of 4Matic all-wheel drive, a feature that's become common to all AMG sedans in the U.S. of late. The C63 AMG may come in rear-drive form for the U.S., as well, the better to allow for the fun of tail-out action.AMG DYNAMIC SELECT switch with five AMG-specific driving modes "Individual", "Comfort", "Sport", "Sport +" and "Race".

This new breed of AMG is definitely going to turn heads wherever it goes. Given its sporty, elegant and powerful looks it will also be in high demand like it's predecessors the 2014 AMG.

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