Saturday, December 27, 2014


The Lagonda name, previously used by Aston Martin for a hand-built, ultra-expensive sedan built between 1976 - 1990, returned under the spotlight about five years ago when the Brits introduced the Lagonda Concept .

Oddly enough, that concept had nothing to do with the four-door grand tourer, but rather a sporty SUV proclaimed to be a more luxurious alternative to the popular Porsche Cayenne . Rumors about a production version went back and forth with no relevant outcome, although the consensus was the vehicle might arrive in 2016.

But now we have to put the Lagonda SUV behind us, because it appears Aston Martin is actually planning to revive the iconic nameplate for a brand new sedan. Such a vehicle was spotted testing in the United Kingdom covered in camouflage. Our friends over at Autoblog think the Brits will slap a Lagonda badge on its trunk.

Details are scarce right now, but it’s safe to assume the four-door will be based on the Rapide S and ride on a stretched version of its wheelbase. Power is likely to come from the same 6.0-liter V-12 engine that delivers 558 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque,Though we have images of the new Lagonda Taraf, the exact details on the exterior are still unknown. From the images that Aston released, you can see that the Lagonda Taraf carries distinct Aston Martin design elements, including its signature grille and the ridges on the hood. The headlights seem to stray from the traditional Aston style and the lower lip on the bumper adds a touch of sportiness to the luxo-sedan.

On the front fenders the Aston Martin signatures continue with heat extractors that feature the staple Aston strikethrough. Down the sides, the Lagonda Taraf’s doors have flush door handles and plenty of shimmering chrome surrounding the side windows.

Around back Aston’s newest sedan gains a slick spoiler that looks quite similar to those on the automaker’s sports cars. The Aston signatures continue with the chrome appliqué that strikes through the taillights. The exhaust outlets and insert on the lower part of the rear bumper also are reminiscent of Aston’s sports cars.

Altogether, Aston Martin did a rather spectacular job at creating a luxurious sedan that also carries plenty of the automaker’s signature cues, while creating its own identity.On the inside, the Lagonda Taraf is simply incredible. It features light-brown, high-end leather all over the place. The seats feature a diamond-quilted design on the outer edges of the seats and headrests, while the seat inserts appear to have perforated leather.

The 2+2 setup of this saloon shows off the sporting DNA of this model, while the acres of leather and metal surround you in pure luxury.

Unfortunately, Aston Martin only tossed us these images and left any details out, so all we can do is look and speculate.According to a report from CAR, the new Lagonda Taraf sedan will carry a 5,935-cc, V-12 engine that produces around 600 horsepower. If that engine sounds familiar, it should; it is the same engine found in the Rapide S. In fact, the Lagonda Taraf sedan will ride atop the same VH platform as the Rapide that is properly stretched to fit the longer body.

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