Thursday, December 18, 2014


The Mirage has a complicated marketing history, with a varied and much convoluted naming convention that differed substantially depending on the market. Mitsubishi used the Mirage name for all five generations in Japan, with all but the first series badged as such in the United States. 

However, other markets often utilized the name Mitsubishi Colt and sedan variants of the Mirage have been widely sold as the Mitsubishi Lancer—including in Japan where the two retailed alongside one another. In Japan, the Mirage was sold at a specific retail chain called Car Plaza.

The Mirage is maneuverable, its one-ton weight is easy to throw around and its controls/inputs are effortless. It gets decent performance from a 74-hp 1.2-liter three-cylinder and the five-speed manual, but the fuel-saving CVT is better for traffic.

The Mirage offers the best EPA gas-mileage rating of any car sold in the U.S. that isn't a hybrid or a plug-in electric car. That fuel efficiency, however, comes at a cost: The Mirage is not nearly as rewarding to drive as most of the other small cars on the market. The Mirage is not only one of the two smallest five-door hatchbacks sold in the U.S.–it's smaller than a subcompact–but it's also one of the least expensive.

Even when idling, the little 1.2-liter sends quivers through the entire car. And should you opt for the CVT, the trio of cylinders will grumble in protest every time you try to accelerate. And by acceleration, we’re talking about a zero-to-60 time of 10.9 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 18.3 seconds at 75 mph. 

As small as this engine is, it is very economical in the sense that it can be very inexpensive to maintain as compared to larger vehicles that have larger engines. It is also a convenient way to save on gas, if you drive on a budget this car may be perfect for you but the trade off is with comfort. Although this car seats 5 the three backseat passengers will have to be very thin in order to fit!

With that said it can be a wise decision to own such a small car. (if you want to trade comfort and safety!) 

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