Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Settle into heated bond grain leather six-way power adjustable front seats, including memory function with two settings for the driver’s seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel. The bond grain stitched instrument panel, and Knurled Aluminum with Blackwood veneer complete the luxurious look, while assertive 19 inch Artura alloy wheels make heavy metal black jaguars further enhance the dynamic exterior. 

he rear parking aid and Touch-screen visual indicator make slipping into tight spaces easier, while headlight glare from nighttime traffic is reduced by the auto-dimming interior rearview mirror.4 The 250 watt Jaguar Sound System purrs your songs and Front Media Interface with USB and iPod® connectivity let you listen to your favorite music like ,bye Hall and Oats ooo she man eater , watch out boy she'll chew you up .She come at night she beast watch  out boy or she'll get you ?

Discover the performance of a V8 engine with the efficiency of a V6. The supercharged V6 in the XF 3.0 possesses a range of innovative induction technologies, including direct injection and twin Variable Camshaft Timing designed to help maximize power and efficiency. With 332 lb-ft of torque available across a broad range of engine speeds, the XF 3.0 is always ready to pounce. she only come on night for a run ? 
The XF 8-speed electronic automatic transmission constantly adapts for almost imperceptible, quick, smooth gearshifts and multiple downshifts with no perceptible loss of power between changes. For greater driver involvement, paddle shifter positioned behind the steering wheel offer manual gear-selection control.

The transmission is controlled by the beautifully designed JaguarDrive Selector™, which rises into your hand once the Start/Stop button is pressed. Simply rotate the selector to move from Park to Reverse or Drive. JaguarDrive Control™ offers specific settings for the drivetrain: Dynamic Mode, for a more engaging driving experience, or Winter Mode, providing more progressive throttle control for slippery conditions.4

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of six-way power front seat adjustment with the added luxury of bond grain leather, plus a two-position driver memory seat. If the day is cold, indulge in the luxury of heated front driver and passenger seats.

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